About Us

My dress Box is a curator of fashion brands thats fun, functional and chic. Statement dresses with vibrant designs and luscious colors or classic cut dresses with detailed finishings.

The Brands:

N12H, The Luxe Urbanite
City chic meets the new globetrotting generation. This collection represents a wanderlust approach to contemporary dressing characterised by fun, directional prints and fabric play. Fresh and playful femininity is always paired with an edge which makes every piece uniquely cool but wearable.

Turbo Wear
The partnership of street wear and urban spirit.This modern brand is delighting the active women with its plain cuts accompanied by details with flowery and abstract prints.Using fresh and fruity colors with various stitching techniques like cut and sewn are seen in every piece. It is the brand to go for if you are looking for classic yet flirty and flattering dresses.

This brand turns colors and comfort into religion. The brand to look out for, for any quality obsessed professionals as they are subjected to very high quality control. Because of the lightness and comfort provided by this natural yarn, these collection offer to their customers the ideal wardrobe for any climate. These unique and versatile collection is suitable in big cities as well as in holiday resorts.

The Materials for both turbo wear and pygmees are all under the family of cotton. Most of them are stretchable. Not much care is needed in maintaining these fabrics. Washing machine or hand wash in cold water.

Black Hype

This couture collection is limitless in terms of creativity. Destructurations, applications, embroideries, glitter, sequins and many other techniques are used in a offbeat way, to revisit the classic code of elegance. Combining the best materials the fashion world can offer like lace, leather, jacquard, with high tech fibres like modern polycottons, lycra, stretched satin resulting in very unique pieces with a touch of surprise. Designed for the confident women looking for edgy but chic evening wear without looking over dressed.